Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta Stick Together

So my last Name Game seemed to be quite a success (no where near as much as the Valentine's day one but a success nonetheless)

I love reading the comments I get, especially when viewers have better ideas than I do. Something that came up was Podibama T-shirts which I think is a fabulous idea.

Something else that came up from Grey Carter of Critical Miss was this :

Made me smile.

For the record this poster will be handed out at PAX East for free along with the stickers I posted on my earlier blog post. So if you're gonna be there, find me. Not sure how. Just do it.


  1. This week the internet has done nothing but taunt me about PAX... but yeah, that was great.

    Have you and the Critical Miss guys considered doing a cross-over of some sort. I think that as the Escapist's two featured comics, that makes nothing less than perfect sense.

  2. My dearest sympathies about PAX. That shit sold out fast.

    It's going to be interesting considering it's my first convention.

    Grey and I did joke about a possibility of a crossover when my comic officially joined the Escapist but no serious plans were ever made... yet.