Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Magic Moleskin.

For some reason I have been sketching a whole bunch more. It might be because Name Game's one year put me in a really good mood or because the weather is finally getting nicer. Or because I'm getting closer to moving to Vancouver!

I don't know! Here's some drawings!

Some Dapper Young lads..

I really want to make this into a painting...

Japanese Masks...

Some Concepts...

Some Badass Bone-structure..

Another concept...

And last but not least... Me!

I hope I portrayed my "short" well enough.


  1. Top hats? Always awesome. Love em all, even crazy backwards wolf thing!

  2. Do enough people tell you these are crazy good? That is some impressive sketching right there.

  3. Wasn't gonna a leave a comment, since it'd basically just say "duh-her looks good." But then... I looked at the first one and all I can say is Dapper SQUIR! Woo! For everything else... duh-her looks good.

  4. these are all awesome. specially liked scan8.jpeg,scan5.jpeg and scan10.jpeg.

    oh and dapper squir is win

  5. The tree structure reminds me of Avatar the legend of Aang :3