Thursday, April 21, 2011

My version of Valve Time

Name Game is one day delayed

Also I have a SHIT TON (most accurate unit of measure for art measuring) of sketches and stuff that I've yet to scan/post. I have a very bad habit of starting projects and never finishing them. I've got sketches, mini comics, and an animation that I've been working on.... Then Portal 2 came out and that didn't really help.

I also want to post my own review of Portal 2 and what it means to me. Yeah it might seem dumb, but Portal is a great example of one of those games that puts me in awe, reminds me why I'm going into video game design and renforces some of my cases in the whole "Games as Art" debate (which it is). And besides, this is the internet where I'm allowed to have a dumb voice... encouraged even. I'll go into more depth when I get a chance to write it. Seeing how all my other projects go, there is a good chance that might not be for some time.

And here are some sketches I did while I waited anxiously for Portal 2 to be released. I played through Portal 1 and just did studies of GlaDOS before I began the boss fight.. quite difficult to since she rocks back and forth.


  1. its not dumb. love of games in that way is what will push them forward as a medium.