Monday, January 31, 2011

Digital Luv

This is what happens when you play too much Little Big Planet 2 and listen to too much Daft Punk... oh what am I saying? You can never have enough Daft Punk.

And the cuteness of the Sackbots literally make it hard for me to play. I can't take it.

This is just a progress shot. I'm still working on it.

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  1. Why... are... you... so... AWESOME?!?! Gah I just love your comic over at escapist. XD I've been wanting to work at a game store for years, some of the ones I frequent are pretty much EXACTLY like you depict them. Though I worked at a gas station for 4 years which was similar, sit back, play psp, watch portable dvd player, deal with a customer every couple hours, then lost that job due to the business being sold, then worked at a call center for a year which nearly killed me(literally, the adverse affects on my physical and mental health from the fact of lack of care on the employers part of not following through on their call volume promises that it wouldn't be bad except for one week of the month but instead it was bad ALL THE TIME), and now have another possible gas station job lined up to fill time and make money so I can get off unemployment which doesn't give me as much money as a job and seek going back to school for something like Accounting, or any career field where I can be at a desk and not have to do a whole lotta strenuous work. Ack sorry I kinda ranted here, but yeah, you're so lucky, I envy your artistic prowess, my only skills are writing, singing, acting, playing instruments, and building/painting miniatures, but I'd give all those talents up to be able to draw good... ^^()