Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mass Effected

Since I got home last week things have been kind of unorganized. Slowly but surely it's been coming together. My main goal is to raise enough money by the end of the summer to build my own PC for animation and... well let's face it functional video gaming. I'm going to be working at Gamestop again (unfortunately) which will not only give me a little extra cash but will also hopefully continue to feed me material for Name Game. I'm working for my Dad's girlfriend doing secretary work and I'm waiting to hear back from a local bar where I will hopefully be bar-tending at soon.

Now that I'm not in class I finally have the time to finish the long list of video games I've been meaning to finish. Mass Effect is pretty much at the top. The one thing that has stood out the most to me is the art direction. That game is freakin' beautiful. Cool, futuristic and glowy. 3 of my favorite things.... which are also 3 similar characteristics of the new Tron movie. ANYWAY. Since I've been playing Mass Effect, the Force Unleashed and Half-life 1 my artwork has defiantly been influenced.

These are some sketches I did that I actually want to make into digital paintings soon. I'll post updates when I do.

My other goal is to master the human form. I've been looking into figure drawing classes around Long Island which I think I'll start soon. These were some studies I did today from one of my sister's medical anatomy books.

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