Monday, May 17, 2010


This is where we get started?
It will do for now.

Not much to post now other then an explanation... except I've never had a blog before so I don't really know how to start these things. I guess I'll wing it.

Since the success of my web comic Name Game (hosted on The Escapist Magazine) I have been more interested in showing my other work. For those of you who don't know, I'm currently a rising sophomore at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). I'm an Animation major with a concentration in Illustration. I'm working on building a portfolio that will hopefully land my a job in the game design industry. I'm nowhere near prepared for that just yet. But while I'm working on it I figure I might as well display the new things I'm trying.

Right now I'm completely unsatisfied with where I am artistically. I want to improve my skills while "discovering myself" (whatever the hell that means). I hate the way Name Game looks and am determined to figure out something more aesthetically pleasing. I'm setting a few personal rules/goals for myself. Hopefully by posting them on a blog, I will feel more responsible for complete them.

As of right now my two goals are as followed:

1. Spend more time with Photoshop

I want to be a better digital painter in photoshop. Partly because of Name Game. Mostly because the field I'm interested in is concept art and photoshop painting plays a HUGE role in that.

I normally have a sketchbook with me wherever I go, but I'm not too avid about actually sketching in it frequently. It is clear I need to change that. I'm going to try and sketch in it everyday. No matter what, I have to have something new in it each day.

Today... it was the Shark-Tar...

I have spent every last waking minute of my life observing what others pass by. I find inspiration in the smallest moments and details in just about everything. But for some reason when I got to art school I hit a wall. The work I was producing wasn't the best it could be. After I started working on Name Game it all seemed to come back a bit. And the fact that Name Game got recognized at all was an unbelievable bonus. Now I'm taking a summer class at MICA. It's a Game art and animation course. It has really helped me move along and remind me why I love making art. While doing work for this class I started getting excited to work again. I felt determined and couldn't wait to work harder. That was a feeling I hadn't had in a very long time. It was nice to have it back again.

This is where I'm starting. But I'm nowhere near close to being done.

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  1. With The Escaptist Magazine in your portfolio you've already got a leg up against your classmates. Hopefully your work will continue to get spread throughout the interwebs. Since it's been a month since this post have you been following those two stated goals of yours?